Monday, December 15, 2008

Woot, a post!

Life update:
I've been rather lazy lately just because a lot outside of my normal life has been going on.
•Cliff's company Christmas party ... open bar, oh yeah <3
•I have alopecia D: Found that out last night. It's not bad .... just a spot on the back of my head. The rest of my hair covers it, but it still sucks 'cause I wanted to cut my hair short again, but I can't till it grows back. If it gets worse and/or doesn't grow back I'll just shave my head! xD

Business Update:
I've been obsessing over polymer clay, if that isn't apparent :P Miniature food is my favorite to make, 'cause it's sooooo tinnny and cuteeee! Super kawaii!

As soon as I have two pages worth of items listed on Etsy I'm gonna go through and retake allll my pictures. They're decent, just okay, right now; but I need BAM! WOW! pictures.
If anyone has advice on that I'd appreciate it :D

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