Monday, January 5, 2009


W00t! I'm finally getting around to telling the world about the best thing in my blog - monthly give-aways! :D
How it works is the end of each month I will put the names of my followers into The name chosen is the winner!
I will do this between the 25th and end of each month, depending on how busy I am or if there's money for shipping XD
I think the only "fine print" thing involved in this is: If you win one month, you have to wait three months to win again. If your name comes up again, I'll just random-ize another name.

Any questions or comments on this? Just let me know :D


yours*truly said...

I love this giveaway idea! =)

ChristineCecelia said...

How sweet!

Vidia2Be said...

thats awesome cant wait

Itsy Bitsy Bracelets said...

I love giveaways very cool