Friday, January 9, 2009

Shop Make Over

So, I've been looking through my shop for the past while and thinking ... I could do better. I've made a list of things that I think need improvement. The main thing: Photos.

Here's what I mean. This is the before photo:

Horrible. Slightly out of focus, and yellow! It's as if I spilled coffee all over it!

After a photo shoot lasting about an hour and a half, here's the second photo:

Worlds better! Not perfect by any means, but I don't shudder when I look at it. What'd I do? I admitted that taking photos 9:30 at night when the sun had been down for 4 hours isn't the way to do it. Good photos require NATURAL light. Not frellin' light bulbs.

I still have a lot to do in my shop but it'll be worth it :D

Come see an eclectic shop with an vintage air about it.
Everything in there I can see in a '50s movie along side the greatest starts of the time!
My favorite? The Paris Paparazzi Coasters.

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bananaicecream said...

The cake looks yummy and I like the angle on your photo.